Two posts lifts are used in just about all car garage repair shops and they are also a popular choice for home car DIY mechanics. They are designed to uplift automobiles at least 6 feet from the floor, enabling easy access to all the parts on their underside while standing up. It has two posts housing sliding arms that can fully support the weight of a car, which are in turn raised or lowed through buttons connected to the equipment.

These types of car garage lifts are useful because they have a low footprint which makes them very unobtrusive and perfect for home garages that do not have much space to work with. The lifting machinery in a 2 post lift operate through the use of hydraulics, with a control panel powering a pump that varies the pressure supplied to the pistons located in the arms. The main source of power is a typical 220V electricity supply. All modern models of lift have electronic control centers that regulated and monitor the status of the pistons which means that they are very safe to use. Our website provides info on  2 Post Car Lifts

2 Post lifts are what are termed surface mounted, so they do not require any excavation work on the floor or ground before installation. Instead, heavy bolts are used to lock the two posts down. As long as the floor is made of a suitable thickness (about 3 inches), this is more than enough to support the lifting equipment throughout its lifecycle. These lifts are a very useful addition to any car enthusiast’s workshop – they make getting access to the underside of a car very simple, and unlike other types of car lift, they do not obstruct any section of it with bulky ramps. They really do turn what would normally be regarded as tricky repairs into much simpler tasks. If you are serious about car repair, consider a two post lift.