Mass SMS, or bulk text messaging, is today’s innovative way of sending text messages to three or more mobile phone users generally by using a computer program – i.e. e-mail, instant messenger, specialized software, etc. Especially if you use one of those programs that allow you to send to up to more than a couple of thousands of contacts, this communication tool can be an asset to your sales operations and your budget.

Companies and researches have proven the value of this bulk sms messaging medium in advertising, sales and other marketing activities, particularly the impact it makes on target audiences. People carry their mobile phones everywhere they go. They have access to them more often than their notebooks, newspapers, TVs, radios and other advertising media.

Competition on getting new leads and retaining repeat customers is getting stiff in every industry. Timely and consistent communication with customers is key. With advertising through mass SMS, people are able to read messages and respond to them instantly. The urgency of each promotional activity is magnified when using this mobile messaging method. Exciting sales events, such as prize draws, giving out free VIP tickets, sale announcements, and other surprise-themed promos, are heightened when using mobile messaging.

Users can easily keep your information with them wherever they go, as long as they have their mobile phones with them. Unlike newspaper or magazine coupons, they need to cut them out and remember to bring them when they go the store. Even for e-mail promos, people need to print them out and show the sheet of paper when they get to the establishment. Your target consumers also do not need to jot down your promo details, not like if you broadcast on TV or radio.

Promotions and advertisements through bulk messaging also have a much higher chance of being disseminated to a larger audience than other media. Particularly if you have interesting info or promos, people would love to forward your message to their friends. And they can do this in just a couple of clicks.

Mass SMS, most importantly, is effective yet inexpensive. You can create mobile announcements and ads in half the time that you need to produce conventional advertisements and collateral. The cost and preparation of sales and marketing activities on mobile messaging easily beat buying airtime on TV and radio, booking pages in newspapers and magazines, and using other traditional venues. Bulk text messaging to mobile phones has the definite edge in terms of being easy on your budget and your schedule, as well as sending out your message directly to your audience instantly.