Unless you’re 150 years old and keep your hearing aid turned down 95% of the time because you’re tired of hearing about Britney Spears, then you have begun to understand the benefits of eating natural and organic foods. It is becoming more and more obvious that what we put in our bodies has so much to do with our health. But what about what we put on our bodies?Image result for vital greensHealth Tree Australia

The most exciting products to hit the organic market in masses lately are all the new organic personal care products. For a long time scientists have understood that the skin is an excellent way absorb medications into the body. When we look at things like “Quit Smoking” patches and even all the new medications that come in the form of a patch, this makes sense to us. But as soon as we think about lotions, deodorants or even makeup, for some reason, we think the chemicals found in these products are harmless and our skin will somehow repel anything that will harm us and soak up anything that will improve our life. Well, guess what. The chemicals found in most personal care products do find their way into our body and many of them do cause trouble.You may want to check out MARTIN & PLEASANCE for more.

In swoops the world of organic and natural personal care products. By eliminating the harmful chemicals and replacing them with natural and organic ingredients, we stop overwhelming our body with toxic chemicals. Most people have the mindset of: Well, I used that antiperspirant…I didn’t die or break out in a rash so it must be okay. It doesn’t always work that way. The body is an incredible machine that is made to withstand a lot. But when you dump the same harmful chemicals into your body day after day, they can accumulate and rear their head months, or even years later.

Many of the natural and organic personal care products on the market today work just as well, if not better than the synthetic junk we’ve been using for decades. The body was made to operate with the help of natural and organic substances. These personal care products that are filled with man-made chemicals all have the ability to accumulate in the body. It’s impossible to do everything right in a civilized world today. Just with the pollution in the air and in our water, you’re going to come across toxins somewhere. But if you eliminate the chemicals from the personal care products you use every single day and make the move to more natural and organic ingredients, you reduce the strain put on the body to remove all these chemicals. Now, your body can focus on more important things like removing the junk that’s stored in fat cells around your stomach. (Now, we’re getting your attention.)