Installing a door is easy. It’s the time consumed in the process that takes long. It is the length of time used that make the people installing it prone to error. Installing a it isn’t something you can do in under an hour. It takes longer. With the way doors are made now, one can just buy the it together with its frame and put it in place. Doors are different even if they look to be the same. You have to realize that there are different types of doors that can be added to different types of materials. What is needed is the understanding of how it works.View it now dublin doors.

A door is normally held up by devices called as door hinges. The door hinge is connected to the frame and the door has hinge pins. There will be other items present like a knob or handle, lock and set, as well as other various hardware that you can add to the outer part of the door.

Most doors found on the outside walls of the house like the main door are normally 30 ” to 36″ in width, and approximately 6′ 7″ in height. These are normally the standard sizes that give the necessary width that is needed to let most furniture through.

Now that the dimensions have been determined, the next thing you have to know about is how to install the door.

The first thing that needs to be done is to take out any type of molding from around the door so that the nails can be seen. You would then need to get the saw or a cutting instrument and begin cutting the exposed nails. By cutting off the nails you would be able to remove the entire doorframe. You also have to be aware that doors aren’t light. Some can be downright heavy which is why it is advisable for two people to do the installing rather than one.

Once the old door has been removed, you can now align the new door to where the old door was. Once it is level, you can start using a hammer and nails to set the door in place. As you can see the long part here is removing any obstacles or hindrances of the old door before putting a new door. If this was an installation of a new door to a new house it would not take long at all.